My firm provides a full range of accounting services including:

  1. Consultation with business owners in analyzing the financial performance of their businesses
  2. Working with the business bookkeepers
  3. Preparation of regular financial statements
  4. Compilation Engagement. It is a more complex financial statement. It is requested many times by banks and other financial institutions.
  5. Review Engagement. The review report is more complex than the compilation report. It is the third highest level of financial statement, just below the audit.

In a review engagement the accountant must:

  1. Understand the industry
  2. Obtain knowledge of the entity
  3. Design and Perform review procedures including inquiries and analytical procedures
  4. The accountant must be independent

Many businesses must present Review reports to the state of California for license purposes, such as schools (truck driving, computer, cosmetology) among others.

Business Loan Assistance

Extensive accounting experience and knowledge, ensure that your business operations will be presented in the best form possible, for you to understand them precisely.

Our most important goal is to assist you in making your business profitable. We will provide all type of analysis and any other financial assistance needed.

We will work with your bank to assist you in obtaining a loan for your business.